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Early diagnosis is important because there are now treatment options available that may help to slow the progression of the disease. There are also treatment modalities that can help with school and social issues as well as concerns regarding cognition.
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Dr. Lauren Krupp, MD

Dr. Lauren Krupp received her medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, completed her Neurology Residency at Albert Einstein and Montefiore Medical Center, and then completed additional fellowship training at the Neuro-immunology/ Multiple Sclerosis Branch of the National Institutes of Health. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology.

She is currently a Professor of Neurology and Psychology at the Stony Brook University and Medical Center and specializes in multiple sclerosis. She is the director of the National Pediatric MS Center at Stony Brook (the first and only Pediatric MS Center in the United States), co-directs the adult MS Center at Stony Brook, and directs a research program that covers the relations between fatigue, mood disturbance, and cognitive dysfunction in MS within the department of Neurology.

Other projects include studies of children and adolescents with MS, evaluation and treatment of MS-associated cognitive problems and fatigue. She has received for her research grant support from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the National Institutes of Disability and Rehabilitation Research, private foundations, and pharmaceutical companies. She has published over 100 original articles or chapters in books and is an internationally acknowledged authority in multiple sclerosis.

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