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Riding a horse can develop core strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.

Horsemanship fostersteam-work, patience, trust and cooperation. Emotional and

cognitive benefits include empowerment,improved focus

and decision-making ability, and overall enhancement of quality of life.


Group therapeutic riding and horsemanship sessions

One hour each week for six weeks 

This is a free program for individuals with MS, between 10 and 65 years of age.

No riding experience necessary!

 First come first served * Limited spaces available 
Due to the limitations of the participating horses, riders must be less than 200 pounds

PATH-trained instructors (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship)

Program takes place in Central Islip - Transportation available

631-444-7992 for more information

Offered by the Lourie Center for Pediatric MS through funding from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation



1. Just had my neuro appointment today. She noticed that my gait was better. My balance was better.  My posture was better. My attitude on a whole was better. Wanted to know all the information about Sky Riders. Very impressed. I know a few of the others feel the same. Hope they write to you. Can't thank you enough for the ad in the e MS magazine. What a blessing.  – JV 10.15.14


2. Since being diagnosed with MS I have gradually lost my outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and kayaking.    I even left work about a year and a half ago.  Seldom do I get to say that I'm trying something new!  Besides strengthening my legs, (which needed it,) I feel more upbeat since starting therapeutic horsemanship.  It's really nice to be able to say that I'm doing something that some people, even without an MS diagnosis, are afraid to try!


Although I have not had any problem standing for the required time, I think it might be good to have a couple of benches near the paddocks to provide some seating for those who need it.


I think the program is wonderful and should definitely be extended or repeated.  I myself would like to continue although I would like to do it next year as I have conflicting commitments on Sundays at present.   Certainly the MS Foundation would do well to continue funding this program.  It's a great way to get exercise and some socialization. The opportunity to interact with horses is also very special.  The horses in the program are unusually patient.  I have only good things to say about Therapeutic Horsemanship and you may certainly use my name. – PB 10.15.2014


3. Thank you to everyone for their help in this program. Everyone was so nice and patient and allowed me to take the time to get comfortable at my own pace. – unsigned


4. I loved this program. I haven’t been on a horse in years. But more importantly I have had to give up a lot of activities due to MS. It’s really nice to be able to try something new. – unsigned


5. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful program J -- unsigned


6. I felt this was a well-thought out program. It was organized and the activities were thoughtfully considered. I liked the balance of riding and the hands on activities to connect our energies with the horse. It was very supportive. It helped me stay connected with my inner strength. – PM 10.26.14


7. I can’t even tell you how much this has physically and mentally helped me. I couldn’t understand how riding a horse could be therapeutic. Now I get it. Wow! It’s amazing! Thank you all so much for being there for me! Will be missed. – LS 10.26.14







Stony Brook University Hospital
101 Nicolls Road Stony Brook, NY 11794
(631) 444-4000