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Clinical Services

MS is typically thought of as an adult disease, yet as many as 5 percent of all persons with MS may develop symptoms in childhood or adolescence. Very little is known about the impact of MS in this age group.

The Pediatric MS Center is designed to help this population. To do this we conduct an extensive multidisciplinary clinical evaluation as part of our clinical program and offer participation in our research studies.

The MS Pediatric Center will provide comprehensive clinical services for children and adolescents with MS and their families, including:

Comprehensive neurological assessment by a pediatric neurologist and MS specialist; Neuropsychological evaluation and psychological assessment to evaluate the impact of MS on cognitive and emotional functioning; Individual psychological support for children, adolescents, and family members; In-depth assessment by a pediatric neurology nurse practioner who specializes in MS;

  • Case worker management services.

  • Ongoing care and treatment of MS(if local).

  • Consultation with your own physician.

  • Consultation with your school system.

Typically a patient will be seen over 1-2 days in a detailed evaluation. Contact Maria Milazzo in Clinical Services for more details or call her at 631-444-7802.


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