Pamela Block, PhD

Dr. Pamela Block

  Pamela Block, PhD

  Clinical Associate Professor

  Occupational Therapy Program
  Stony Brook University

  (631) 444-3197

  Research & Scholary Activities




Dr. Block is a cultural anthropologist, disability studies scholar, and a community-based participatory researcher located in the Stony Brook University School of Health Technology and Management Occupational Therapy Program. She has been collaborating with the National Pediatric MS Center since 2004 on a variety of research and program development initiatives, including the Teen Adventure Retreat, to improve quality of life for youth with MS and their families. Her research objectives include:

  1. build the capacity of youth with MS to participate in peer support and mentoring through a recreational retreat programs,

  2. build the capacity of youth with MS who have reached transition age and a preparing to move from high school to vocational training, or work and

  3. build the capacity of the National Pediatric MS Center and other Pediatric MS Centers in the United States and Canada to engage in community-based participatory strategies for research, program development and treatment.


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